Winters Song

Winter is a special time
Romping in the snow
Crisp and clean this chilly scene
And how the wind does blow
Snow flakes are falling
Flutter to the ground
Fireplace burning bright
As we all huddle around

It's natures way of telling us
To cuddle up so tight
That's what loved ones are for
Lasting through the night
A warm embrace a dream or two
In winters grip this is what we do

The fallen snow piles in drifts
Almost to my knees
White fluffy stuff for the kids
It's always sure to please
Out to the old red barn
Horses how they neigh
Pick out a fast one 
Hitch him to the sleigh

Sleigh  bells will jingle
Hooves' will be pounding
Swift like a chilly breeze
With rhythm they are sounding
Clipity clop gliding merrily along
The holiday has us joining in a song

Snow is fine for holiday seasons
But now I am thinking
Of warm for some reason
Hang up the heavy coat
The scarves and your gloves
It's no secret that summer
Is the season that I love


November 17 2013 ©
( All Rights Reserved )