Where Does Love Go
Where does love go


Where doe's love go
when the glowing
Embers turn to strife
Fighting and twisting
To Preserve the last bit of life
What was once a inferno
Dwindles to a flicker
On a canvas it paints
A loving pretty picture

Unwilling to relent
Forever to be lost
Clinging to the truth
No matter what the cost
Floating like a feather
On a warm summer breeze
Forever more it's goal
Only to please

Touching precious memories
For one final time
Always ever present
Deep within my mind
Knowing it must find
A safer place to set 
Forever more fulfilled
Never put to rest


True love never slows
As the inferno grows
A burning ember bright
Passion lasts into the night
This is where love goes
When we think its out of sight
Tiger Tiger burning bright


December 9 2012 ©
( All Rights Reserved )