Twilight Interlude
A crystal orb of sentiment
In the azure blue sky
The measure of contentment
Dreams that soar on high
Moonbeams of splendor
Dancing on the water
Glistens like a banner
This bond will not falter
The pathway it narrows
To the waters edge
Hope that it borrows
To the shore in its pledge
Footprints in the sand
Left there by lovers
Divine halo that hovers
Strolling hand in hand
The aroma of your perfume
Lingers in your hair
Your head against my chest
Nothing else can compare
As we linger in the twilight
The moon on the rise
All the dreams in sight
Part of loves surprise
Wraped up in your charm
As we tarry there
Embraced in strong arms
Comforting my lady fair
A sip of wine
The tender caress
Hearts entwine
Completed happiness
November 22 2013 ©
( All Rights Reserved )