These Prison Walls

Saddened eyes in the dark
No one cares to see the pain
Why did you have to depart
I await  your return again
Inside the depths I am caged
Hope of escape is now gone
The world outside is far away
Frightened and so all alone
What did I do to deserve this
Faithful to the very last
One more chance is my wish
Please forget about the past
Now it's cold I shiver here
In my solitude so deep
Lonely heart filled with fear
Oh how my sad eyes weep
The mournful sound of despair
Down the dim lit hall
Echo's here and everywhere
So weak I must not to fall
Many here are just like me
With their coats of gray
Abandoned to hear my plea
No longer will I stray
I'm sorry for the things I've done
In each and every way
I only wanted to have fun
And now I have to pay
All I do is hope and pray
Someone will see my strife
And take me home some day
For a better life
Locked up in this cage
Is not the place to be
Please somebody rescue me
A puppy should be free
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