Sitting on a Rainbow

Sitting on a Rainbow
I'm sitting on a rainbow
Life is so grand
All of my troubles
Popping like bubbles
I have the world
In my hand
Never seen things
Going so right
Trivial problems are
Now out of sight
No need to worry
I'm not in a hurry
I have only begun
To fight
I have the world
By the tail
In my task I
Mustn't fail
I cant be cloistered
The world is
My oyster
On a half shell
Sitting on a rainbow
Is a good place to be
From up here
The world I can see
Some are so naughty
Many not nice
I see some that should
Be put on ice
I can't be concerned
What others will do
That is all
Up to you
I will sit here
Because I know
This is a perfect place
Sitting my rainbow
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