Secret Library
In the dimly lit library
Books of knowledge stand alone
Absent are the readers
Hear the mournful moan
Silence at every corner
Pages collecting dust
Waiting for thirsty minds
Filled with hope and trust
Arches in the ceiling
Painting on the wall
Old Walnut bookshelves
Standing straight and tall
Time has passed hear the bell
Pick one book from the shelf
Oh the stories they can tell
Sunlight through the window
Shining down the aisle
Casting shadows in the dark
Resting for a while
Musty odor of older books
Stacked in their carts
Waiting for someone
To file them away
Quickly they depart
In this quiet room of silence
Books of knowledge to be found
Literary written treasures
Pages of works renown
Old desks that are well worn
The secrets that they keep
Poetry and works of Art
Waken from deep sleep
All of these they burry
In this Secret Library
May 26 2013 ©
( All Rights Reserved )