Sea of Tranquility

Sea of Tranquility
Peaceful thoughts are on my mind
Solitude I am sure to find
Memories are here to stay
Long gone times of yesterday
Pleasant things that I recall
Dreams that are the best of all
Dancing in my void again
Reminding me of life's refrain
All the times that brought me joy
Looking back it was a ploy
Deep and thoughtful as they fade
Nary one thing will I trade
Revelations to hold on fast
Enjoying each until the last
Never allowing one to fall
Cherish each as I recall
Times are now a different mode
Facing each new episode
Falling leaves from life's tree
Shadows seem to follow me
Sorrow now has gone away
Time to plan a better day
Reminiscing  some things fade
Like mistakes that I have made
Peace and tranquility in my heart
All my troubles now depart
Life's hurdles have taught me well
Things I see clear as a bell
Sailing upon life's sea
Has brought me tranquility
I hear the message up above
From the one I love


By Ken
February 28 2013 ©
( All Rights Reserved )