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One Summers Afternoon

It was a warm sunny summers afternoon and I had rented a canoe too paddle out onto the pond in the park !  The suns rays were dancing across the water like bands of pure Gold !  Along side of the canoe there were water lilies in full bloom with their petals of pink and white and their fragrance was so intoxicating to my nostrils.  Like a Lady wearing a fine French Perfume . As I looked down there was a tiny Frog sitting on a Lilly Pad chirping out his song like he was greeting the new born day ! As the canoe slipped along through the water the waves were gently splashing up against the prow of the canoe as I was gliding along !

As I rounded a small Island in the middle of the pond my eyes caught a glimpse of a Lady sitting under a Oak tree near the edge of the Pond !  As I grew nearer I could see that she was alone and seemed to be reading a book like this was the way that she wanted too spend her afternoon !
There was a small dock not more that ten feet from where she was so I decided to tie up my canoe there !

As I approached her she had her back towards me and her head was bent slightly forward as she read her book ! She was wearing a long Yellow dress with a white ribbon around her waist and a Yellow Sun Bonnet with white flowers and yellow sandals !  From the back I could see her long Golden Hair cascading around her shoulders like spun Gold !  As I approached her she turned her head upwards too me and I could now see her lovely face and features !   She was so beautiful and her Milky white complexion like that of a Greek Goddess !  I noticed a tear that was falling from her cheek and wondered if I had startled her or if she had just read a passionate line from her book !
I knelt before her on one knee and gently cradled her face in my hands and tenderly kissed the tear away from her cheek ! She then told me that the tear she was shedding was not from sadness but that it was from happiness because she knew that we were too meet this way and destiny had played its part so well .

I took her dainty hand and placed it in mine and helped her too her feet and she reached down too pick up the book she was reading !  As we walked hand in hand from the Park the sun was now low on the horizon and we set off too start the new beginning !

Written by Ken
June 27 2013 ©
( All Rights Reserved )

For Your Eyes Only !

Have you ever awakened in the morning when the sun was fresh and streaming through your window blinds and beckoning to you too do something  exciting to make your day complete ?
Well today was one of those kind of days . I looked out my window and there was a Robin perched in the tree singing out his morning song saying get up its a beautiful day ! The aroma of the Lilacs in full bloom drifting through my open window were sending intoxicating messages to my brain . These are the kind of things that reward you and make you feel that you are so glad to be
alive and be a witness to all of Gods creations !

So I said to myself , maybe today would be a good day too put a coat of wax on the Corvette and then put the top down and take a ride along the Beach and enjoy some of Natures Wonders . So I went out to the garage opened up the garage door and backed out the Corvette with great care . I assembled all of the necessary things that I would need to do a first class wax and detail on my Baby ! Some might find this to be a task however to me it's more like a love affair ! As I gently caressed  every inch of her sleek body I couldn't help but too admire what I had accomplished .
Now I was satisfied that I was ready to venture out !

Not to far from where I live is a secluded road that follows along the Coast Line winding it's way here and there along the sandy beach . As I am driving along with the radio tuned into my favorite station and enjoying some pleasant music I notice there is a pull off on the road overlooking a small bluff out onto the beach . As I gaze out to the white sandy beach at the sand dunes with their plants poking their stems up towards the sunlight hoping too grasp some growing strength ! And the sea creatures scurrying around looking for a place to hide from intruders  ! The Sun is
casting it's Golden Rays across the water like sparkling gold bands !

This stretch of Beach appears too be deserted however off in the distance my eyes capture a figure near the waters edge . As my eyes strain to identify the figure I see that it is a lovely Lady all alone ! She is quite tall and has long blond hair cascading down her back . She is well tanned and is wearing a white halter top and a print summer skirt that is about calf length and she is barefoot and holding her sandals in one hand . The skirt that she is wearing is pressed against her well formed body by the sea breeze revealing the ecstasy that must be waiting there . I have too admit to myself that she is the most beautiful creature that I have ever laid eyes on ! God must have had a wonderful Blueprint when he made this lovely creation ! 

She was playing tag with the waves in her bare feet as the waves were gently breaking onto the sand and every time she successfully dodged a wave I could hear her utter a discreet
squeal of delight ! The Sandpipers that were near her were also mimicking her technique as they search for small crustaceans at the surfs edge ! She then bent over to the sand and picked up a small treasure that caught her eye ! Maybe it was a pebble or a brightly colored shell and she quickly put it in her pocket to cherish later !

I was thinking to myself oh how grand it would be if somehow I could be blessed with the opportunity to be with such a beautiful Lady but knowing all the time that this experience was just a fleeting moment that filled my heart with desire ! If Only !

After a while of watching her joyfully playing along the surf she went over too where her beach blanket was laid out and picked up her things and as she disappeared  behind a sand dune on her way back home all I could see was her golden hair waving in the breeze disappearing out of sight ! My heart skipped a few beats and it was then that I wished that I had ventured down to where she was in hope of meeting her !
Alas Alas all is lost now !

Written by
June 27 2013 ©
( All Rights Reserved )