In Time

Prisoner in Time

Turning back the hands
To a different time
When life was oh so grand
A pleasant peace of mind
Worries melt like lemon drops
Everything was new
Hours and days that stop
For a special few
Strolling down lovers lane
With the fairest of them all
She's wearing a Lacey dress
With her flower Parasol
A twinkle in her deep blue eyes
Sparkle in the pale moonbeam
Tells me I'm the luckiest guy
Prettiest goddess I have seen
In the city central park
Plays the local band
Old time tunes to spark
Holding her dainty hand
A gentle breeze caress the trees
The melodies in the air
It's times like these
Of Olden Days
That are sure to please
If only we could reminisce
And seek what we shall find
To discover loves sweet bliss
Of that special kind
Unlock the ties that bind
In a wondrous dream
For ever more it seems
A Prisoner in Time
July 24 2013 ©
(All Rights Reserved)