to Sea

Out to Sea

Looking out to the sea
Many things puzzle me
Gray and white seagulls fly
Screeching in the pale blue sky
Puffy clouds of white
As they go drifting by
Fading out of sight


Oh the awe and mystery
Things put down in history
Sunken ships with their gold
Pirate Stories are untold
Treasure chests in the sand
Buried there by Pirate hands
Skull and crossbones mark the spot
A bottle of rum on the top
From the wounds there is a flood
Swords and muskets drip with blood


Tides of sand washed ashore
Laid to rest for evermore
Waves that crash on the beach
Mermaids dancing out of reach
Topless sirens how they weep
Of the memories that they keep
All their beauty they display
Sailors they have turned away


Time and tide wait for me
I will solve the mystery
Answers will come to me
Many things will come to be
As I look out to sea


March 28 2013 ©
( All Rights Reserved )