Our Destiny

God bless this United States
The grandest land of all
To live life without mistakes
Divided we must fall
Our rights set in place
Long decades ago
Words to secure our space
This is how we grow
With liberty and justice
And freedom for all
Set aside the prejudice
This nation will stand tall
Hand in hand with dignity
This country can be strong
Lest we forget what others give
United we belong
For love of our freedom
Lives have been lost
This is what we had to do
No matter what the cost
With government divided
We all feel the pain
It cant last one sided
No wonder some complain
We must settle differences
Weather left or right
Disregard the preferences
The goal is out of sight
We all love this nation
Stand up and make a plea
For the better of creation
Don't take it all from me
October 2 2013 ©
( All Rights Reserved )