Foggy London Town

Reason for Living

I have a reason to be living
Clearly all things I see
This is a time for giving
The perfect way to be
Putting away the sorrows
This is a brighter day
Swiftly I must borrow
A time to sit and pray
I could be sad
Or I can be mad
But that's out of reason
I'm the only one
I should be pleasing
So how I know
Here I go
This is my fate
It's giddy up go
I can't be late
Poetry Scroll Collection
March 24 2014 ©
( All Rights Reserved )
Only In A

Only in a Minute
If I had a minute
I would share it with you
Sit and reminisce
For an hour or two
We could bond together
Discussing things so odd
Talk about the weather
Like two peas in a pod
It really makes no difference
What topic we discuss
It's a matter of preference
What is important to us
We can take a journey
Into our inner minds
Rattle around our memory
And see what we can find
Linger there for a moment
Taking our sweet time
Dissecting each component
This is yours and mine
This can be our world
And everything in it
Wrapped up with a bow
Caught up in the minute
Poetry Scroll Collection
April 15 2014 ©
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