One Bad

One Bad Leprechaun
I saw a pretty rainbow
Up around the bend
Colors of the spectrum
Where the rainbow ends
A shinning pot of gold
The pot was very old
Belongs to a Leprechaun
How was I to know
This greedy little elf
Had stashed it all away
Hoarding all this gold
For a rainy day
I grabbed the pot
And away I did run
He chased me all around
This wasn't any fun
Turning green with envy
As he stomped his little feet
Give me back my gold
Or my Shillelagh
You will meet
I dropped the pot
Coins fell to the ground
He scooped them all up
On his face was a frown
From dusk until dawn
Never mess with a nasty
Leprechaun named Sean


March 17 2013 ©
( All Rights Reserved )