Ole Pal of mine

Ole Pal of mine
Once in a lifetime we meet a good friend
  One that is loyal and true to the end
Always at your side when your day is forlorn
  Giving not asking from the day they are born
Your pal can be your buddy to round out your day
  Someone to be with weather it be work or play
It might be a walk in the park with a friend
  Would you believe my pal can run like the wind
When I first met my friend he was just a small tyke
  But that never bothered him that he can't ride a bike
The things he can do would amaze me and you
  Things that you may find only in a zoo
My pal was always there gazing up at the sky
  Waiting for me with a twinkle in his eye
Finding my friend was just meant to be
  And I am thankful that he found me
My pal is old and long gone now
  But I feel that someday I will see him somehow
He will be there just as he was
  Waiting for me and that's just because
You see there are all sorts of pals
  If you are lucky to find
But my pal was mans best friend
  And the best pal of mine

EyeOfTheTiger2u7By Ken
December 9 2012 ©
( All Rights Reserved )