Old Mans Lament

Old Mans Lament
As I sit here reminiscing
Of my youth that's gone awry
Regretting not a single moment
Of all the times gone by
Learning days of puzzlement
At things to find anew
My mind is filled with visions
Of many things to do
Excitement now is mounting
Each memory is clear
Those wondrous challenges
Faced without regret or fear
Boldly facing each new frontier
Remembering childhood things
And the joy that it brings
Strolling through the meadows
In the early morning spring
Flowers with their petals
peeking out of the green
Sitting at the seaside
The morning sky aglow
Sun dancing on the water
Like pure bands of gold
Strolling along the way
With thoughts on my mind
Wondering will I stay
What treasures will I find
Memories of growing pain
But now I can't complain
Looking back with open eyes
The awe of each surpris
Growing so very old now
These are the things I do
This is what I have 
Strangely but so true
Life's end comes so swiftly
And the end it does bring
Winding down it seems
Like a coiled up clock spring
December 10 2012 ©
( All Rights Reserved )