Old Folks at Home
Old Folks at Home
Growing Old isn't all I imagined
It's still okay to be Old Fashioned
Wrinkles on my brow is the worse part
Looking in the mirror I get quite a start
Things don't work like when I was young
What used to be normal now is no fun
The harder I try the more I fret
I try to remember but then forget
Time goes by in such a hurry
The slower I go the more I scurry
Haven't the time to sit and ponder
There will be plenty of time up yonder
My life just seems one day at a time
If I make through today I will be fine
Waking up each day is such a pleasure
Counting my blessings that's how I measure
I guess things aren't really that bad
At least I can remember the fun I had
Reminiscing when it all began
I would love to do it all over again
In my ways I am pretty well set
Not ready for a Nursing Home yet
It's just great to be alive
Each new day I will survive


By Ken
February 15 2013 ©
( All Rights Reserved )