Mystic Island Paradise

Mystic Island Paradise

Mystic Island Paradise
Wind swept beach of sand
Hula dancers beckon
With Flower Leis in hand
Magic in her swaying hips
Hibiscus in her hair
Polynesian Rhythms
Sweet Jasmine on her lips
Hands that tell a story
With each exotic move
Mystic Island Paradise
My wandering soul it sooths


Mystic Island Paradise
Parrots in Palm Trees
Yellow Blue and Green
Exotic Birds of Paradise
Plumes I've never seen
Colors of the rainbow
Adorned they stand alone
Proudly displayed in
Their Aviary home


Mystic Island Paradise
Shells of every kind
Washed by the tide
Conches and Nautilus
Beauty they cannot hide
Some are pink and hollow
Pointed rough or smooth
Hold them to your ear
Hear the sea inside


Mystic Island Paradise
Tropic wonder delight
Sun setting in the West
Resting for the night
Polynesian Sunrise
Starts the day anew
An Island surprise
For a special few


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