My Funny Valentine

My Funny Valentine
Valentines Day is for special lovers
Hearts that entwine like no other
  Joining souls with tender thoughts
  Present this Rose freshly bought
My tender love I pledge to thee
With true love on bended knee
  Accept this token of my esteem
  Become true life not a dream
Take this hand I offer you
Deep devotion that is true
  Cherished love on display
  Lasting until the end of days
With all my heart I pledge devotion
My inner core filled with emotion
  Softly I whisper in your ear
  I will always love you dear
Walk with me it is meant to be
Through life's portal for eternity
  Your beauty is beyond compare
  Life with you is my fervent prayer
You know just what to say
You know just what to do
  My heart will be divine
  My Funny Valentine


By Ken
February 14 2013 ©
( All Rights Reserved )