My Boy

My Boy
Dedicated to my Deceased Son
Where did my son go
Why did he go away
It seems like I talked
With him just yesterday
I see him in my mind
I see him at play
Now that he's gone
There was so much to say
Searching my thoughts
I cant help but wonder
What did I ever do
To put things asunder
Mistakes I did make
That set us apart
I feel it was something
I did from the start
Why didn't I see
All the hurts that collide
I should have been there
Right by his side
Reaching out to me
With a heart open wide
Things that needed saying
Nothing left to hide
Now that I sit here
With shame on my face
Wanting to be there
Sharing his space
Questions I have asked
Why did this go astray
The love of my son
Has been taken away
My boy how I love thee
Forgive me some way
I hope that our souls
Meet in heaven some day
My love I will give you
Never more to go astray
My thoughts running wild
A Father should not
Have to bury his child

ByKen December 17 2012 © ( All Rights Reserved )