Foggy London Town

Reason for Living

I have a reason to be living
Clearly all things I see
This is a time for giving
The perfect way to be
Putting away the sorrows
This is a brighter day
Swiftly I must borrow
A time to sit and pray
I could be sad
Or I can be mad
But that's out of reason
I'm the only one
I should be pleasing
So how I know
Here I go
This is my fate
It's giddy up go
I can't be late
Poetry Scroll Collection
March 24 2014 ©
( All Rights Reserved )

Moonlit Dreams
Oh what a mystic night
Through the portal of a dream
The wondrous sweet delight
A journey on moonlit beams
Colors of a distant place
Effervescent rays of light
Shadows on an empty face
Eyes that marvel at the sight
Into this revolving orb
The visions twist and turn
So quickly they are absorbed
Deep within they burn
Out of the deep dark past
Memories they swiftly fade
Thoughts that forever last
Promises that were made
Visions logged down in time
In the mind they gleam
All of these  things we find
Captured in moonlit dreams
Poetry Scroll Collection
May 3 2014 ©
All Rights Reserved