Lonesome Road

Lonesome Road
A lonesome road is winding
  Up around the bend
It narrows down to nowhere
  At the dusty end
A crooked fence of destiny
Along the crooked mile
Reminders of hardships
  Lined up in single file
Stones of tribulation
  Littered at the side
Monuments of sorrow
  Forlorn they cannot hide
Memories of another kind
  Linger in the air
Solid tales of despair
  Set by father time
This road is a busy place
  Traveled over years
Potholes of loneliness
  Sums up the fears
People fading out of sight
  Over the hill
Stories can be told
Their shadows linger still
A rocky road that begins
  Just around the bend
A journey in your mind
  One that never ends
Walking straight ahead
  The visions you will find
All the dreams and memories
  Are not far behind
April 4 2013 ©
( All Rights Reserved )