Foggy London Town

Reason for Living

I have a reason to be living
Clearly all things I see
This is a time for giving
The perfect way to be
Putting away the sorrows
This is a brighter day
Swiftly I must borrow
A time to sit and pray
I could be sad
Or I can be mad
But that's out of reason
I'm the only one
I should be pleasing
So how I know
Here I go
This is my fate
It's giddy up go
I can't be late
Poetry Scroll Collection
March 24 2014 ©
( All Rights Reserved )
In My

In My Solitude
Sitting in my wicker chair
At this dark oaken desk
With curls in my hair
In a pretty Sunday dress
My treasures lay before me
Blank papers all around
With my pen in hand I see
Words that are renown
The note that I write
Tender words of glee
On paper of white
Are precious to me
The lamp above my head
Emits a eerie light
Reveals the words I said
Shadows linger as I write
In a locked desk drawer
Only I have the key
Are vows that I swore
Known only to me
On the shelf are many things
They rest beside the pillow
Into my mind joy they bring
Thoughts of the weeping willow
The file cabinet that you see
Arranged from front to back
Contains all my memories
That are so neatly stacked
The calendar on the wall
As my heart does sing
Is most important of all
Reminding me it's spring
Poetry Scroll Collection
April 25 2014 ©
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