Garden of Stone

As I walk all alone
In this garden of stone
Memories beckon to me
All of my thoughts
Are not for naught
Things so clearly I see
Flowers grow along the path
Nothing but the best
Keeps my love here to last
As you lay to rest
Sleeping here oh so long
Waiting just for me
I hear it in your song
Your life's symphony
As I turn and walk away
I hear your tender sigh
Please come back again
When the moon is high
I need you more tomorrow
Than I did yesterday
Say you will stay and pray
And never more will stray
Upon your stone I place
This beautiful red Rose
Reminder of my embrace
You are the one I chose
Rest here my sweet love
I will soon be along
We will meet up above
For you my love is strong
Within my deepest Soul
I humbly cherish thee
Once was half now is whole
This is my fervent plea
From this Earth as departed
To the end of eternity
Ever more we will be
The same as we started

July 15 2013 ©
( All Rights Reserved