Foggy London Town

Reason for Living

I have a reason to be living
Clearly all things I see
This is a time for giving
The perfect way to be
Putting away the sorrows
This is a brighter day
Swiftly I must borrow
A time to sit and pray
I could be sad
Or I can be mad
But that's out of reason
I'm the only one
I should be pleasing
So how I know
Here I go
This is my fate
It's giddy up go
I can't be late
Poetry Scroll Collection
March 24 2014 ©
( All Rights Reserved )

Fleeting Moments
Fleeting are the images I see
They drift swiftly out of sight
Thoughts that return to me
Like burning embers in the night
Often I listen to the wind
As it wanders through my mind
For what is around the bend
What memories I might find
I dream of all the treasures
That were given to me
And all the many pleasures
It's now so plain to see
Free from all the trauma
Grief turmoil and strife
Absent from the drama
That haunts my daily life
If I could only capture
Things I hold so near
My mind filled with rapture
Void of all my fears
Drifting in a clouded haze
Floating locked in time
Memories of lost days
Fleeting moments of my mind
Poetry Scroll Collection
April 13 2014 ©
( All Rights Reserved )