A lonely soul waits at the depot
Knowing not what lies ahead
Deep in thought with loss of hope
Many tears have been shed
Reflections dancing in her mind
Reaching out in dark despair
Something lurks that was unkind
Afraid of what may be found there


Railroad tracks around the bend
Disappearing out of sight
Thoughts of a long lost friend
Reminiscing into the night
Sadness shows upon her face
Shadows falling from above
Haunting memories in this place
Waiting for returning love


Time that passes into the dark
Wrapped in a shawl of chill
Warmth kindled by loves spark
Lingers in the air so still
Longing stares into the void
Silence creeps onto the scene
Thoughts cannot be annoyed
Longing eyes that sadly gleam


The future has now arrived
Board the train to destiny
With it all she has survived
Time has solved the mystery
What lies at the railways end
Once was sorrow now is love
She will find her special friend
From the guiding light above


April 23 2013 ©
( All Rights Reserved )