Circus Circus
The Circus parade came to town
Wagons gilded silver and gold
Lions tigers and bears renown
A better show can't be found
Memories of days of old
Excitement mounts in rings of three
All the glitter will soon unfold
Straining eyes what's next too see
Circus clowns with painted smiles
Baggy pants and floppy shoes
Colored clothes of different styles
The silly things they do
Center ring a tiny car
One by one they all pile in
Thirteen clowns a lot by far
They all pile out to start again
Bareback riders on horses gleam
Revealing skirts they wear
Oh what a magnificent scene
Pretty ladies blond and fair
Style and grace they prance
The highlight of the night
Performed in perfect stance
This equestrian delight
Elephants in ring two
Floppy ears in single file
Marvel at the things they do
So graceful all the while
Wrinkled trunks of Gray
The way they are meant to be
God made them this way
Elephant trumpet Symphony
Trapeze artists flying high
Triple summersaults they do
The catchers grip best not slip
But the net will catch a few
Ringmaster whistle in hand
Getting ready to blow
Striking up the Band
Hoping we all enjoyed the show
Happy smiles without a frown
The tents now come down
We wait until another day
When the Circus comes to town
September 30 2013 ©
( All Rights Reserved )