Breath of Spring

Breath of Spring
Spring is busting
Out all over
All of a sudden
The trees are budden
Just look at the beauty
They bring
It's time to look
It all over
Time to smell
The clover
It's beginning to
Look a lot like spring
Flowers blooming
In the meadow
Looking up to the sky
Petals with their colors
Opening up wide
The Joy of early spring
They cannot hide
Gentle April showers
For flowers to drink
Pretty forget-me-not's
Smile wide eyed
As they blink
Colors of the rainbow
Many different hues
Softly falling raindrops
Kiss the morning dew
I love to walk
In silence
In the April rain
Merrily as I sing
Life's sweet refrain
Memories it brings
Of the breath of spring
March 23 2013 ©
( All Rights Reserved )