Between Hello and Goodbye

Between Hello and Goodbye
There is a place somewhere
Between Hello and Goodbye
It's a secret place to hide
Private to only you and I

Maybe it's the memories
Of times and loves gone by
Things that we recall
When we need them most of all

The warm embrace from 
Someone that truly cares
The joy and laughter within
From one that want's to share

The good times and the bad
Whichever it may be
These are the wondrous things
That have always set me free

Like a whispering voice
Gently on the summer breeze
Sweet flower petals hiding
Amongst the fallen leaves

Longing and waiting
For someone to see
Hello's are like that
That's how they came to be

There is a place that dwells
Between Hello and Goodbye
But the Goodbye no longer exists
The Hello waits for you and I

December 7 2012 ©
( All Rights Reserved )