Bad Day at the Zoo

Bad Day at the Zoo
I saw an Elephant yesterday
And what do you think
It wasn't just ordinary
In fact it was Pink
Purple spots and Yellow stripes
Clashed with the Pink
I took myself a second look
Then poured another drink
Two little Monkeys
Sitting on his Trunk
One had a Red Cap
The other one was drunk
This was a crazy scene
Can't believe my eyes
A little Blue Monkey
The other one is Green
The next thing I saw
Really made me dance
A Pink Elephant
Wearing short pants
Poka-Dots front and back
I really had to scream
Looking once looking twice
Damndest thing I ever seen
They were actually quite nice
Something here is really wrong
Pink Elephants do not exist
I turned around then he was gone
If this dream should persist
I think my drink is too strong
Up so high in the sky
What is this I spy
Pink Elephants really do fly
June 3 2013 ©
( All Rights Reserved )