A Matter of Pride

A Matter of Pride
King of the beasts wearing a crown
A finer specimen can't be found
Silent and stealthy as he creeps
His hidden prey will wail and weep
Master of his broad domain
This is how he got his fame
Strong of limb with a growl
Teeth to make his victims howl
Climb a tree on branch he waits
Hoping something takes the bait
Flashing eyes survey the ground
Quick to pounce he is profound
Mighty male born as a hunter
His clever plan never blunders
Crouching as he licks his chops
Fresh meat for his butcher shop
Fierce by nature with a mane
This is how he got his name
Yellow eyes deep with fire
Many cubs left to sire
Master of all he survey's
He prefers life this way
Loving females by his side
He is the King of the Pride
March 4 2013 ©
( All Rights Reserved )