A Knights Tale

A Knights Tale
Knights of the realm
On white chargers they gleam
Breath from their nostrils
Puff like hot steam
Broad Swords in hand
Lance at their side
Armor that glistens
From mounts as they ride


Knights of the realm
Courageous and bold
Tales of their deeds
For centuries are told
Dragons to slay
Fair Maidens to save
Challenges they meet
Never down in defeat


Knights of the realm
Proudly they stand
For King and Country
Protecting the land
Purest of mind 
With virtue of soul
Amazingly brave
Upstanding and bold
A better man
You cannot find


Knights of the realm
Should be unbeatable
Never giving ground
Upholding the laws
All for the table round
With valor they fight
Righteous with might
Pride of every Knight


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